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Your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy explains how our company manages and processes your personal data i) when you download the 2Value application or register / visit our website, www.2value.ro, both of which will be referred to below. Platform ii) contact us to use the Services that our company offers, hereinafter referred to as the Services; iii) candidates for a position within our company or a client company iv) provide us with goods or services or act as a representative, employee or any agent of a company that provides us with goods or services; v) we process your data in the instructions or as a result of the actions of third parties


2. Who we are and what we do

3. How to contact us

4. What personal data we collect

5. How we use personal data

6. The legal basis for the processing of personal data

7. Who we share personal data with

8. Use of cookies

9.Empowered persons, independent operators and associated operators

10. Where we transfer personal data

11. For how long we keep personal data

12. Confidentiality and security of personal data

13. Right of access and other rights

14. Changes to the privacy policy


This Privacy Policy Privacy Policy ,Policy explains how we handle any personal data that we collect from you or that we have obtained about you from a third party and the purposes for which we process your personal data. It also indicates your rights regarding the processing of your personal data.

Within this we use the term processing to cover all activities involving your personal data, including the collection, handling, storage, sharing, accessing, use, transfer and disposal of data.

This one is intended to assist you in making informed decisions when usingPlatform and SERVICES understand how your personal data may be processed by us as a result of the provision SERVICES or when you request to work at or with our company. Please take some time to read and understand it.