2value is your friend for communication and media promotion that:

Guides you to write the best media content

Journalists edit the text to make it more valuable

Distribute it to the selected press, determining them take over

You have at least three guaranteed media appearances, just a few clicks away.

Through the unique technology, you appear in the local and national media, at very affordable costs.

The platform's innovation transforms the way journalists and companies communicate today, creating value on both sides.

8 times more value at the lowest price on the market.

Over 50 Years Of Experience In Media And Communication

Are you an SME? We help you grow!

1Your content will be edited by a journalist

2The platform sends the material to the selected press on the same day

3Media takeover is guaranteed

First 3 Months In Numbers:

Journalists that

taken over
press releases

journalists and media institutions that your story reaches


We always keep you up with the events that matter.


Studiu: Aproape 50% dintre chiriașii din România întârzie cu plata chiriei

99,4% dintre proprietarii din România, care închiriază locuințe, nu au apelat la servicii de recuper

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Prăbușirea pieței criptomonedelor și NFT-urilor obligă investitorii să ia decizii informate

Piața token-urilor non-fungibile (Non-Fungible Tokens - NFT) are de suferit odată cu prăbușirea pieț

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Asseco SEE (ASEE) achiziționează pachetul majoritar de acțiuni din Bithat

Asseco SEE (ASEE) achiziționează pachetul majoritar de acțiuni din Bithat, jucător puternic pe piața

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Problems and solutions in communicating and promoting small entrepreneurs

Question: Why are small entrepreneurs reluctant to communicate and promote the beautiful things they do?

Mihaela Tudor: What do you think is the most common answer I get? I have no money! So money is the issue. Specifically their lack. But if we all had generous promotion budgets, it would be either chaos or too simple.

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Together we transform communication globally!

2value is a very useful tool in the context of digitization and automation of communication processes and more. It is an innovative way to aggregate communication services, which do not involve physical travel, face-to-face meetings. It shortens the time, you can see the information in real time and it is safe from the point of view of the health context we are going through.


Dorina Necula

Owner, 21imobiliare

2value is an application that helps me mediate the relationship between the company and the outside environment, very simple to use, with a 21st century design. An excellent communication partner, always in your pocket and ready to listen, process and pass on effectively the information that an entrepreneur or a company wants to share with other players in the community.


Radu Boantă

IT Solutions Consultant, Risksoft

How long have we been waiting for such a platform? There is a great need for such a service for talented journalists, who need recognition.




Due to the takeover of the press release by the 2value platform, the information about the CONIL Cross – Smile for autism reached a much larger number of people. With their help, we are sure that we will have more and more supporters of our projects.We are glad to have such as great professional journalists as our partners; they have facilitated the dissemination of information to interested persons.


Adela Hanafi

Founder of the CONIL Association

I used the platform and I was amazed at how easy it is to appear in the media. It took me practically 5 minutes to write a press release, it was edited quickly and nice and in one week I received the final report with the media take overs. The platform is very easy and friendly! Moreover, following the appearances, we also received 6 requests for offers. What more could you want?


Alin Stafie

ITS Travel

Thank you for successfully distributing the press release! I was delighted with the ease of use of the application, your promptness and the result, the fact that I was able to post it immediately on social networks. Your app, 2value, is great!


Camelia Dobre

UHY Audit

I really liked this platform, first of all due to the very friendly user experience it provides. After the content editing, the title gained more power and the statistics were adjusted, just enough in order to be more complaint to the rest of the content. The impact I felt was in relation with clients and in the way I was seen or heard of in regard with this project. It was far beyond what I was expecting from a press release. Now I want to continue the collaboration with the 2Value platform because I would like to continue to have this media exposure and I am convinced that together we will do what we started so well, with the launch of my new project, the Post Divorce Academy.



Post Divorce Academy

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Here is the list of services offered by the platform on WEBAPP, and MOBILE APPS (Android and iOS)

Function #1: We send press releases with guaranteed media appearances.
Function #2:You can enter events from your company’s activity in the SME calendar.
Function #3:We put your company’s link in the text, which helps SEO.
Function #4: Create your own interviews that will be taken over by the press.
Function #5: You promote your events in press before and after.

Your company becomes more profitable because you gain visibility and credibility through media exposure, moderated by experienced journalists, through a friendly and accessible platform.

BENEFIT #1: Grow in notoriety.
BENEFIT #2: You become more credible.
BENEFIT #3: Your target audience will know about your products and services.
BENEFIT #4: You save money.

You decide what you want to convey, we give you the right form, a journalist reviews your texts to make sure its have the greatest impact in the press.

Once approved, the platform sends them to the impressive database with media from different fields, at national level.

At the end, you receive a detailed report with the results. After, you can share them on your own communication channels for a maximum impact.

We offer you the chance to write your own interviews later taken over by the press. Surely you have a lot to say, you have a good story, you have data from your activity that you do not think would be impactful for the media.

You answer the platform’s questions, a journalist review your texts to make sure they have the biggest impact in press.

Once approved, the platform sends them to the impressive database with media from different fields, at national level.

At the end, you receive a detailed report with the results. After, you can upload them on your own communication channels for maximum impact.

Account creation is made by five simple steps. All you have to do is:

Create a FREE account
You insert the material you want to be promoted, using the intuitive 2value templates.
A journalist will take over and edit the content sent by you.
2vaue editor will approve the final form of your material.
Your news or interview will be sent to all the media channels.


The app is available for any type of phone or computer.

Your experience matters for us. Now you can test 2value for free.


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