Question: Why are small entrepreneurs reluctant to communicate and promote the beautiful things they do?

Mihaela Tudor: What do you think is the most common answer I get? I have no money! So money is the issue. Specifically their lack. But if we all had generous promotion budgets, it would be either chaos or too simple.

I say it's about mindset, education and priorities. When you have a business, you need to allocate resources for promotion. Right from the start. If you are small, it is very hard to believe that you can have a department or amounts of thousands of euros per month. You, like me, have to pay attention to every lion. And even do a lot on your own and then you have to learn as many things as possible in the area of ​​marketing and communication. It's not that complicated, given the multitude of good courses that you can easily find online. I believe that there is no I don't have money, but I have a budget. You need to grow in small but healthy steps, and invest in the long run, so that the money invested is properly converted into the image. It's not all about having money. Healthy communication and promotion is not just about money. It takes time to invest.

How do you change your entrepreneurial mindset when you think you don't have promotion money?

Mihaela Tudor:When it comes to the mindset, it's a good idea to make it a priority. And understand from the beginning that your brand is alive. If you think of him as a person, imagine how he would build his relationships with those around him, with those who matter most to him.

An incredible experience makes others recommend you to friends. The best promotion is when others recommend you. Think about how you want them to remember you, how you want them to convey about you?

How do you connect with customers and how can you make them your ambassadors?

Mihaela Tudor: If you offer something great in relation to them, through your services or products, there are great chances to recommend you. But you have to ask them that, motivating them. It seems hard, but it's not. As I said, treat them like a good friend, be honest and offer value before asking them anything.

First of all, analyze what customers always think about you. As objective as possible. Continuously improve what you discover
Use questionnaires, social media campaigns, feedback forms - the list goes on. You just have to learn to ask the right questions. Once you find out, take the measures that will propel your brand to the top of the favorites.
Therefore, customers are the best source to find out how to promote yourself and what to promote yourself with. How they are, where they are, what they appreciate, what inspires them, everything in as much detail as possible. Who else is talking to the same type of customer? We can be inspired by them or we can even share them in the promotion area (through a partnership). There has to be something really impactful for them. People tend to communicate in a monologue system. If you want to create dialogue, try to see who you have in front of you, to find out what moves him in his relationship with you.

How much does it cost me to attract them? Set a reasonable budget from the beginning, which you can cope with and grow as you grow.
And don't forget that people choose and buy emotionally. People buy from the people they like. People buy from people they trust.

Specifically, how do you build a communication and promotion plan?

A) What must a plan contain - the rule of the three what (who, what, how?):

B) How do you evaluate the success of the actions?
You set your evaluation according to your goal. Simply put, at the beginning you want to be:
  • VISIBLE (how often it occurs and how, if there is an increase in a certain predetermined period of time);
  • CREDIBLE (what feedback is there after your visibility);
  • PROFITABLE (how much money you have invested, how much money you have made from the investment - but, be careful, a correct valuation is done over time).
C) How do you set a budget?
It depends on how much you can support and what your Visibility, Credibility and Profitability goals are. Attention, you must also take into account your time spent in the project, which is an important resource.

Let's think - a good service, a good product, to be satisfied? Rather, they should be happy to receive that thing, usually emotionally. Above and beyond. An extraordinary feeling that you gave him through your product or service or the way you interacted with him.

What simple and affordable promotion and communication solutions do small entrepreneurs have at their disposal?

For them, we created 2Value, the innovative platform that offers entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road simple, accessible solutions to help them grow.
2value is not just a platform that sells subscriptions to companies for journalists to take over their messages. 2Value innovates media communication by automating and templateing the process, in order to educate and empower journalists and SMEs for a healthier and stronger society. The education component is a very important one - entrepreneurs are guided to write their own press release, interview, event, according to some templates, and journalists take over and edit this valuable content. Basically we are intermediaries between entrepreneurs and journalists.